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About us


We envision an open society that is creative, compassionate and equitable, where the arts are part of the
everyday lives of all people.


Ordo Performance Collaboratory hopes to be a space for artistic experimentation. We seek to hold space for
the inner worlds of performance practitioners and nurture tender, self-reflexive interiorities. We are committed
to building an arts ecosystem that is built with love and care.


We believe it is important to constantly question and deeply engage with new artistic practices and modes of
thinking about the arts. Ordo embodies the desires of creative, critical, and compassionate individuals.

We want audiences to be inspired by the way we work, not just what we produce.

We have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to sexual harassment and bullying.
We are committed to promote the creation and strengthening of safe(r) spaces that uphold the equitable
treatment of all people regardless of their various identities and positionalities, including gender identity, caste,
ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, and religious belief.


To bring together diverse performance practitioners to create, reflect and disseminate their work whilst
simultaneously building patient, informed and critical audiences.


• To host residencies for performance artists.
• To run a calendar of creative and critical workshops in performance, its practice and theory.
• To host process conversations.
• To facilitate the strengthening of a performance community in Gujarat.
• To secure and share resources to make experimentation possible in the performance arts

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